Ever wanted to collect and restore old valve wireless, but have not got any idea where to start or how it works? Well this site is for you. My name is Peter and i am based in bolton lancashire.I am also a licensed radio ham (M6PRR). I have been collecting valve wireless since 1986. This site is also now open the the radio amateur section too.I am here to help so if you need any help or advice on collecting and repairing, please send an email to valveradio@hotmail.co.uk and i will do my best to help. Happy collecting !!! NEW UPGRADED CHATROOM IS NOW HERE, TALK ABOUT ANYTHING ELECTRONIC, EVERYONE IS WELCOME, LOOK FORWARD TO MEETING YOU!...... NEW PAGE ADDED. YOU CAN NOW SELL YOUR ANTIQUE WIRELESS OR AMATEUR RADIO EQUIPMENT ON HERE FOR FREE AND ALSO PLACE ANY WANTED ITEMS ON THE PAGE. PLEASE SEND ME A PICTURE OF THE ITEM FOR SALE TO VALVERADIO@HOTMAIL.CO.UK STATING PRICE WANTED AND CONTACT DETAILS. IF YOU ARE WANTING AN ITEM, PLEASE STATE CLEARLY WHAT THE ITEM REQUIRED IS AND GIVE ME THE PRICE YOU WANT TO PAY (IF APPLICABLE) AND YOUR CONTACT DETAILS. REMEMBER IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL REGARDING REPAIRING VALVE RADIOS OR ARE INTERESTED IN AMATEUR RADIO JUST DROP ME AN EMAIL TO VALVERADIO@HOTMAIL.CO.UK THIS SITE IS INTENDED TO HELP PEOPLE AND GIVE AN INSIGHT INTO HOME RADIO REPAIRS. I AM HAPPY TO GIVE HELP AND ADVICE.

model p (p/ac) sunrise radio by pye. manufactured 1933. this radio is currently in a poor condition. it is missing its back and a knob. being the soft touch that i am, i decided to give it a home as it was cheap and no-one else wanted the hassle of repairing a radio in such a sorry state.

the innards!! what a state!! loudspeaker hanging loose, wires perished, totally untouched though. its a shame there is no back, but you cant have everything lol. this radio i feel is going to be a real challenge, but thats what repairing radio's is all about.

this is a radio made by standard, it is believed to be dated around 1931/32 but i have no info on this model so i will have to tackle it blind. it is in a poor condition at the moment. the radio itself looks complete and like most radios around that era it is a t.r.f. radio.

A very nice Bush EBS3 radio, not seen very often. Cream Bakelite case. This particular radio has 3 S.W. bands and Medium wave as well. believed to have been manufactured around 1948 or so. This radio is in the process of restoration. update on this radio, BEWARE! the I.F. transformer cores are held in place with a locknut and if the core centre screw is forced to turn it will break the ferrite core inside. all 4 of mine were broken due to someone elses over zealous turning. it is a difficult job to correct because the ferrite crumbles, but i was able to piece and glue it all together and now my I.F'S peak perfectly. incedently this is something to watch out for if you have a radio that will not peak during I.F. alignment. this radio now works perfectly.

the bush dac90a. this is a highly collectable radio but quite common to find. this one is in mint condition and has never been looked at before.

the innards of the dac90a showing how good condition it is in but.......

on further inspection the wavechange switch had been mangled and not an easy job to get to on the dac90a. the ball bearing had fallen out (a common problem) making it difficult to know what position the switch was in and where to stop, obviously its previous owner didnt lol!! update... i have repaired the switch and am going to locate a ball bearing....

update... repaired the switch and found the mains filter capacitor had been getting rather hot and had blown itself up. good point to remember when repairing any radio, always change the mains filter capacitor first.

both radios restored and working perfectly, to the left the bush ebs3 and to the right, the well known bush dac90a.

this radio has been restored to its former glory. it belongs to a work collegue who's grandfather passed away, his grandfather left it to him and he wanted it working again. this particular radio is a ferguson 391trg with built in record player. they are a good set to work on. this needed quite a lot of work.

the record player section in the ferguson 391trg. this is a b.s.r. unit and is quite solid. things to watch out for in these are the rubber jockey wheel which becomes shiny with age and slips, grease that becomes hard stopping the turntable platter from turning and other deck components. this one had a complete strip-down, a new needle and re-alignment of the pick-up arm. it now works like new and graham is very happy!

i am often asked can i recommend a good book so you can identify radios? well this is it...radio! radio! by jonathan hill. it is a very comprehensive book with pictures and info of radios from the beginning of radio to the transistor era. also useful info on loudspeakers, transistor radios, round ekcos, civilian wartime receiver and valve types. radio! radio! is available signed and numbered from SUNRISE PRESS, 13 BELMONT ROAD, EXETER, EX1 2HF. price including postage is 41.75. for reference the isbn number is ISBN-13 9780951144879. bag yourself a copy, you wont be disappointed!

mullard QQVO3-20A transmitting tube. this is capable of powers of 48w at vhf frequencies.

another transmitting tube, the mullard QV06/20 this is about 20w output.