Welcome to the new upgraded site of VALVERADIO.CO.UK. My name is Peter and i live in Bolton, Lancashire in England. I Have been collecting valved radios and boomboxes since 1986. I am fully trained in the aspects of older electronics, in design and repairs. They involve, colour tv's, monochrome tv's, audio amplifiers, tuners, video cassette recorders, all valved equipment, cassette decks, record players, boomboxes etc. I am happy to offer free advice to assist with any problems or projects you might have, however i do not profess to know everything, although what i do know is based on over 30 years of knowledge. Please send me an email to VALVERADIO@HOTMAIL.CO.UK and i will do my best to offer advice and help. please note, i do not repair surface mount devices, only valved and through-hole types of semiconductors. The aim of this site is to help people get involved with self-repair as it is cost effective and rewarding. Please note however that many electronic items contain lethal voltages and if unsure, it is best to seek a qualified electronics technician to repair your equipment. Gone is the chatroom as it was never used, also the sales and wants page has gone too. The site was looking old fashioned and i thought i really should try to bring it up to date a little. We now have a new section on boomboxes, which were for many of us, iconic, in the 1970's and 1980's. Over time i shall be adding more information as i go along, so please bear with me. I hope you enjoy your stay here and if anything, you come away having learnt something about this great hobby, regards and best wishes, Peter.

i am often asked can i recommend a good book so you can identify radios? well this is it...radio! radio! by jonathan hill. it is a very comprehensive book with pictures and info of radios from the beginning of radio to the transistor era. also useful info on loudspeakers, transistor radios, round ekcos, civilian wartime receiver and valve types. radio! radio! is available signed and numbered from SUNRISE PRESS, 13 BELMONT ROAD, EXETER, EX1 2HF. price including postage is 41.75. for reference the isbn number is ISBN-13 9780951144879. bag yourself a copy, you wont be disappointed!